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PICK your imagination and watch it come to PLAY.

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To collect any cards you pick


Use full of your imagination!!

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Pick&Play is a teaching kit that fosters the creativity of your children by letting them construct each scene and create their own animations.


The cards are pre-organized in terms of "Who, When, Where, What and How" among the six basic principles of writing. 64 premium quality cards in 5 different categories.

Animals - 16 cards (Who)

Objects - 16 cards (What)

Verbs - 16 cards (How)

Background and Sound - 16 cards (When, Where)

Watch the animation your children create together. Understand and listen to them as a friend.


Improvement of computerized thinking ability while creating stories!

Learn the basic principles of coding through the process of making conditional statements with the word cards and watching the created animations.

Understand the algorithm system through playing rather than

being educated on the programming language.

Improve logical thinking by going through a variety of trials and errors

in the development of the story


An amazing experience of becoming an animation director!

Naturally learn how to do storytelling

using only a limited set of words

Improve creativity

by developing different kinds of stories

Improve confidence and a sense of achievement

through creating animation work

Up to a 50% discount!


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